Beijing KaiWenXinTong Technology Co., Ltd is a well-known supplier for multinational trade service in China. The headquarter is located in Beijing and the service network covers the entire Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, while in the U.S., Canada, Korea, Middle East, South Africa, Europe, Australia and other areas there are service locations. The company focuses on building itself into a global trading enterprise to promote global digital process. The company’s business scope involves information equipment, broadcast and television equipment, industrial automation equipment, medical equipment and professional safety equipment, providing the most advanced, most comprehensive and most efficient professional service guarantee to meet the different demands of all works of life inny has cultiv the world.
       With years of experience in international trade, the compa ated a group of excellent work teams, who are responsible for import and export business, familiar with customs policies and customs clearance requirements of all counties, and provide customers with the integration service of trade and technology integration. Combined with logistical advantages, the company provides customers with most favorable logistics choices.
       The company has a large number of successful cases in domestic telecommunications, postal service, finance, government, education, manufacturing, energy, transportation, military and other area

 About us

We keep sensitive to the market: focus on global economy, pay close attention to the trends of digital products and users’ needs and are always at the forefront of the market.
We provide the best products and services: for user needs, we provide global product sales, technical support and service.
We can help you add value: we provide a variety of value added services for channel distributors and end users and help them effectively manage the business.
We provide comprehensive solutions: we provide customer-centric solutions.

Our Commitments
Extensive Trade Network
Quality Trade Team
Comprehensive Trade Services

Professional Trade SupporFreight Transport
The company has many years of experience in import and export trade and has deep partnership with a number of international express companies.The company supports a variety of shipping methods and provides customers with most efficient and best logistics quality. Our partners including USPS Fedex UPS EMS DHL TNT GELS , etc.


Support for multiple payment
Paypal , etc

  Our company is a famed Chinese transnational trade service supplier, with the business scope covering info equipments, broadcast and television equipments, industrial equipments, medical equipments and professional safety equipments. We can provide services such as remote installation and debugging service, customized solution, equipment leasing, equipment sales, hardware set up, on-the-spot debugging, regular inspection, maintenance by third party, etc. Underlying multi-year experience in China as well as global network and proficient industrial knowledge, we provide professional service relating to many industries like medical equipments, production and manufacturing, traffic, communication, construction trade, energy, airline business, infrastructure, etc, provide the best service in time and take solving customers’ problem as our own duties so as to seek joint development.


Network Equipments
  Our company has received high praise from domestic customers due to our network products, mainly including switchboards, router, fire wall, load balancers, server, minicomputers, and so on. Excellent quality and professional after-sale service has contributed greatly to our good reputation. Our outstanding sales team has established good partnership relation with many domestic leading integration service suppliers such as Teamsun, Digital China for many years. Meanwhile , we also act as agency for several brands like H3C,Cisco,Radware,etc. Besides, we are making great efforts to develop ourselves guided by  customer-oriented concept so as to guarantee customers’ interest to the greatest extent and gain good reputation widely finally.


Medical Equipments
  Our company’s target customers mainly refer to hospitals, clinics in communities, medical instruments manufacturers and medicine research center. After multi-year joint efforts of our colleagues, we have basically established nationwide selling networks for medical apparatus and instruments. We keep on constant study and research on medical technologies and scientific achievements and pay full attention to the global medical equipment industry development so as to provide the newest and most advanced medical equipments and service and create a new medical care era together with users. Our company owns extensive professional technology in fields like medical imaging, info technology, medical testing and treatment, patients care system and overall operating solution, etc., selling products involving all sorts of instruments, checking and testing equipments, operation equipments, intensive care equipments, etc. Based on the global medical market, we make orders directly with global manufactures of different countries. High-efficient communication and rich export and import experience enable us to transport foreign equipments to China fast and legally as well as guaranteeing the high-quality products and service simultaneously, which not only make our customers feel reliable , comfortable worriless but also help our customers provide more superior medical service to more people at a lower cost. Adhering to the concept of safety and advancement, our company bridges equipments manufacturers all over the world, make mutual cooperation and provide help to best realize medical technology and equipments popularization.


Industrial Equipments
  Our company is a leading domestic agent for European automatic instruments, reserve and replacement parts, cooperating with about 345 German suppliers, with the application area including steel mill, power plant, chemical plant, automobile, machinery, fluid, automatic control, etc. It implements strict German-style management method and has a clear organization chart, can be divided into sales department, logistics department, technical department. Besides, it has specific division of labor, provides model selection, business and after-sales service and guide users to install and debug equipments so as to save costs and improve purchase efficiency for customers. We contact European manufacturers directly, make fast and effective communication with them so that we can provide quality goods to our customers and make them satisfied and relieved to purchase. We sincerely hope to well cooperate with foreign agents of the same trade to expand Chinese market. Importing the best and most advanced German technology to China in a fastest way and making China automatic control industries communicate and exchange with the outside world in the most direct and effective way is our persistent tenet.

Broadcast and Television Equipments
  We are familiar with the market characteristics and cutting edge technology at home and abroad with deep industry background and professional experience, making the company advance steadily in the market. Adhering to the sales philosophy of “world-type trade economy”, the company strives to carry out the work to expand the international market and provides the customers with higher quality products and more comprehensive solutions with professional and sincere service. The main products of the company include modulators, distributors, mixers, converters, filters, demodulators, automatic gain controllers, multi-channel inter-cut systems, nonlinear editing systems, video-audio processors, other audio-visual production device adapters, CCTV equipment, all kinds of special video-audio cards, multimedia application network system codec, transmitting tubes, LBN, feed sources, tuners, MMDS transmitters, matrixes, network bridges, encoders, optical transmitters and receivers, routers, repeaters, duplexers, multiplex equipment, group telephones, ISDN switches and so on.
We will always continue to provide the “convenient and quick” high-tech products to the global broadcast and television distributors, general agents and end users.

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